Powell Lake Swim Rules

On Saturday, August 6 at approximately 6pm I will step into the water where the Daniels River meets Powell Lake, British Columbia and begin swimming. My hope is to make it to the other end of the lake at Mowat Bay, 50km away.

  • The swimmer will wear no more than a standard swimsuit, a swim cap and goggles during the swim.
  • Glow sticks and a blinking light may be attached to the swimmer during darkness.
  • Artificial swim aids are not permitted during the swim
  • Physical contact with any person is not permitted during the swim
  • Drafting off any boat is not permitted during the swim
  • The swim starts when the swimmer enters the water from land and ends when the swimmer exits the water onto land
  • The swim time will be the total amount of time between the entrance and exit

The swim will be tracked using a SPOT and observed and logged by Heather Armstrong, Sherry Burton and Pat Turner.

Everyone involved in the swim attempt – swimmer, observer, support personnel, and escort boat personnel – will treat the environment respectfully and prevent avoidable harm to marine wildlife and ecosystems.



3 thoughts on “Powell Lake Swim Rules

  1. All the best to you Susan. I am amazed at what challenges you bring on and take on! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for good swimming weather.

  2. Way to go Susan! I’ll be cheering you on from Parksville. 👍🏼 🏊🏼‍♀️ 👏

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