The Summer of COVID-19

I had hoped to swim amongst other routes, Race Rocks to Victoria this summer. Sadly, COVID-19 created some risks I was not willing to take. The first few weeks of COVID were terrifying for me. As the pandemic made its way to Canada, I retreated to my home. Over time, and with the good fortune of living on Vancouver Island, I was able to head back out into the world, and the water.

I spent my summer with a select group of people swimming in the local bays and lakes. As the COVID numbers increased, my bubble become smaller and I retreated to more secluded waterways. My core group became the Spirit Orcas; a small group of athletes I coach. Although I did not swim for MS this year, I did swim a significant number of kilometres with it.

Starting July 1, 2020 the Spirit Orcas, youth mentor Jasmine Kremer and I swam 80 kilometres over 8 weeks raising close to $7,000 for COVID-19 relief. I plan to return to my swim for MS next year.

Here’s a video that captures some of what we experienced along the way.




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  1. Re: The great big swim – summer 2020
    My hat’s off to ALL of you who swam in the ocean this past summer. The distances were unbelievably challenging, and it looked like you all had some degree of satisfaction in accomplishing this feat. Kuddos!
    The video is so inspiring! WOW is all I can say right now.

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