The First Crossing

It’s been tough making a decision as to which strait to swim first. There are so many factors to consider from tides, to currents, to wind and weather. Both Juan de Fuca and Haro look favourable for a good amount of time tomorrow. Winds will be fairly light until mid to late afternoon picking up to 10 knots and gusting at 13. In either of these two straits I will be exposed to some wind for a period. The currents are comparable although there are some crazy pushes in Haro that could land me in a few areas I would rather not go.

Haro is a shorter swim and new territory for me. I have swum Juan de Fuca twice, the first time successfully and the second time removing myself because of hypothermia. Both bodies of water are the same temperature – somewhere between 9 and 12C. I like the idea of a bit of a warmup swim before I jump back into Juan de Fuca. I will be less worried about becoming hypothermic, which as been on my mind. I also like the idea of trying something new – new for me and everyone else as it has never been swum before.

Tomorrow at approximately 9:00 am I will leave the shores of San Juan Island and swim across Haro Strait landing somewhere near the Beach House in Cordova Bay. We are not certain how long it will take with the currents. The water Will try to push me down to Baines Channel and the Discovery Islands. My pilot Gord will point me up towards Vancover to counter the current as much as we can. If all goes well I will land somewhere between the two on the other side of the strait.

This year is becoming the year of the currents.

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