MS Workout: December 28, 2016

Day 2 of training done! Thank you to my incredible friend Pam Loadman (recently featured in the Times Colonist for her incredible recovery from back surgery) for jumping in at 6:15 this morning for the first 3km!

I spent the second 3km with Victoria Masters as part of the annual holiday Swim Camp. The focus: backstroke. It was great to switch from freestyle to backstroke to take the pressure off the shoulders. I have been feeling a little bit strained on the right.

The last 4km of the day was at the YMCA after work. It was not easy and I may have only done 3.5km; I lost count somewhere along the way. I think part of the problem was that I did not have a proper workout with me. I always get into trouble when this happens! Regardless, it was a long and lazy workout.

I’ve noticed a bit of an issue with my right foot. There is an area where the arch is that seems to have lost feeling. I know that those of us with MS often suffer with foot and leg issues. I am hoping it won’t spread.

I managed to meet up with Jill Yoneda after my workout for a quick bite at Be Love. I was so glad to see her. It’s really been along time. Jill confirmed her commitment to the Juan de Fuca swim – YES!


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