Swimming Juan de Fuca

Last year I swim across Juan de Fuca Strait from Dungeness Spit, USA to Ogden Point, Canada. In August 2018 I will attempt a double crossing of Juan de Fuca Strait – from Ogden Point to Dungeness Spit and back again. The swim has been sanctioned by the Masters Swimming Association of British Columbia and I will follow (English) Channel Swimming Association Regulations*.

Through my swim I hope to inspire other people with Multiple Sclerosis to exercise as a way of managing the disease. I have MS for over 20 years and take no medication. I use swimming and veganism as my main disease management tools. I hope to raise funds for Victoria’s newly formed MS Wellness Centre.


Honouring those who have swum before me I will attempt to swim the Strait 2 times in August, 2018. My route will be from Ogden Point, Victoria Canada to Dungeness County Park, Port Angeles USA and back to Victoria Canada. The final route will be determined by the US & Canadian Coast Guards and my crew. The distance is between 60 and 70km with waters ranging from 8 to 12C. You can receiving updates as I finalize plans and train for the swim by signing up on the right or base of the page.

Those who have swum the traditional route unassisted

About Juan de Fuca Strait

Part of the Salish Sea, the Juan de Fuca Strait is a large body of water about 153 km long.  It is the outlet to the Pacific Ocean with the  international boundary between Canada and the United States running down the centre.

Because of the Strait’s exposure to the westerly winds and waves of the Pacific it is most often cold, thick with fog, and much rougher than the more protected waters of Puget Sound and the inner coastlines of British Columbia and the U.S.



* English Channel Rules state that for a double crossing to be officially recognized:

The swimmer must, as soon as his feet touch the ground, land as directly as possible. He must then return immediately to the water where he may stand or sit for up to 10 minutes. During this time he must not be touched by any person, but may be handed food, grease, medicines or swimming apparel to be administered by himself. He must then, in agreement with the Observer, make the most direct and reasonable way towards water deep enough in which to swim, and commence swimming. In all the above conditions, the Observer’s ruling will be final, subject to official ratification by the Committee. The time spent before the return swim starts shall be added to the time of the subsequent crossing.

Susan will exit the water to her knees at Dungeness Spit and then turn around and begin swimming back to Canada. US Customs is aware of the swim and has granted her permission to exit in this fashion. Should Susan exit the water completely Customs will require a check-in which may take several hours.