To Raise Funds for the MS Wellness Centre


On August 2, 2016 the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada announced the sale of the MS Centre in Victoria and the discontinuation of a number of vital services. Many in the community who live with disease every day see the centre as necessary for their quality of life. We are working to resurrect it.

Why it matters

An MS Centre is far more than a building. It is a place where people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) meet. It is a place where we share our experiences & stories, provide one another with encouragement & support. The centre will be a safe space for people with a common disease to meet and heal.

The MS Wellness Centre will focus on physiotherapy and fitness programs that use specialized equipment for people with MS. There will be other wellness programs such as art therapy, chi gong, nutrition classes and alternative therapy discovery sessions. Social interaction will be at the heart of the centre as the MS community struggles with isolation which can lead to suicide.

Delivering MS specific programs in a common space creates a place where people can speak freely about their loss of  balance, vision, coordination and bladder control; they don’t have to be embarrassed about how they are losing their ability to remember, think & understand; and they can freely share their fears with others.

The greatest value of the centre will be the space for conversation and support. A common space for people with MS is what brings them together – what makes them stronger is the first hand expert knowledge they courageously share and receive in that space.

The official non-profit paper work is under way. Donations are currently being accepted through that site.