MS Workout: January 11

Monday’s and Wednesday’s workouts tend to be a wee bit longer. They are kind of my big challenge days before the very long weekend swim. I start my day with a 1 hour morning swim, if I can get up, and end my day with a 3 hour combo workout – spin, swim weights.

So how do I keep my mind amused during those longer workouts? It really depends on what is going on in my life.

This week it was all about swimsuits. I was thinking about one in particular that I hadn’t seen for sometime and wondered, “Have I lost it?” And then I started thinking about some of the other ones in my swimdrobe. And I wondered “Where are they?” I have been using the same 3 to 4 for quite some time, it’s time for a change. Before I go buy a new one I should see what ones I have that I might not have even warn yet. And then I thought “What suit should I wear across the strait this year? Should I buy a new one? or wear one that has been tested for chafing?” And then I started to think about what style of suit causes me to chafe the most which lead me to the chafe on my neck that has recently developed.

It just kind of went on and on for hours until I arrived home and found the original suit I had been thinking about and several options for the big swim!


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