MS Workout: January 8

Sunday is not my day of rest. I am devoting weekends to cold water training and long swims. Yesterday was cold, today was long. 9-10km long. I often feel like a fish.

I know I can go a lot further, and I know I will, but these days getting through it is a challenge. I will need to focus in more over the next few months and get my swimmergie going.

I started with Victoria Masters for a 2.5km sprint workout and ended on my own. It was long course to the 7km mark, or 8, I don’t really know. For my first lone set I swam 500s.

The last 2km was tough. I am glad I stopped to eat. I need to remember to do that. These long swims can be a bit much some times. With new found energy I moved into high intensity sets of 4×100 with 100 kick between. My final set was 10 x 50 (25 fly sprint + 25 easy). I like to end hard if I can.

Hope to do a 100 x 100 IM set next week.


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