MS Workout: January 4, 2017

Today was my first official training day of the new year and it was a good one! There’s something really nice about the feeling after a good solid workout that keeps me craving more.

My day started with Tyee Masters at about 6:15 for a 3km swim. Pace times were comfy enough on the 100s that I could swim them IM. As much as I don’t like things too fast I also don’t like them too slow. When the pace times are too slow I can usually add in a bit of IM or if I am really lucky lots of fly!

Crystal Pool is not the best place in the world for me these days. The pool tends to be on the warmer side which triggers my MS. Today it was just my hands so it wasn’t too bad. But that constant reminder that I have can get in the way of a really good workout.

Tonights workout was a bit more intense. It started with a really solid 1.5 hour spin and ended with a 3.5km swim. The Y pool is a bit cool so I was able to do some speed work. I’ve been having fun tinkering with my kick this year. I normally do weights on Wednesdays as well but opted to hold off on reintroducing them until next week.

Feeling happy and looking forward to the my upcoming workouts šŸ™‚

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