MS Workout: December 31

Much better workout today.

It was Victoria Masters annual 100 x 100m for Jeannie Carlson organized by coach Danielle. Thanks Danielle!

Managed to swim all 100 sets alternating 10 x 100m LC IM and then 10 x 100m LC kick on 2:15. Made most of the times. IM’s were very comfy with about 20-30 seconds rest and kicks were between 10 and 15 seconds rest. I coasted the last 10 kicks using them as a cool down.

My right foot went went numb about 2km in and my legs and arms tingled most of the way though but I was able to manage it without worry. When my feet tightened and were spastic I did what I could to work through it. I am trying to get better with this. As long as the water is cool I am good.

After 10km swim I went to Caddy Bay and met Jill and Dale. Jill and I jumped in for about 8minutes in 4-5C water while Dale happily cheered from the side with Ray. This was our first cold water training session for Juan de Fuca.

I truly love being out there and look forward to the next one.



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